Do you know someone:

  • with a learning disability?
  • who you expect should be performing better in school than they are?
  • who avoids reading?
  • who gets headaches or eye aches when reading?

Reading requires a tremendous amount of visual skill that not everyone has learned or developed regardless of intelligence. These skills can also be lost due to a head injury or concussion.

Learning-Related Vision Problems: when there is a learning disability there is often a concurrent deficit in a visual skill that further impedes learning. Also, a child does not need to have a learning disability to have learning related vision problems. If a child is having trouble reading or avoids reading regardless of whether or not they are performing at grade level, there is a possibility they are struggling with dysfunction in their visual skill. Our visual examination for learning-related vision problems is designed to assess the functional aspects of the visual process as it relates to academics such as learning, reading, math, writing, and classroom performance.

Skills Assessment include:


  • fixation
  • near vision strain
  • central-peripheral visual integration
  • tracking
  • focus change


  • sensory and motor fusion
  • visual perception
  • vision & reading
  • visual motor integration
  • visual reversals


When the visual system is straining to look up close it is usually a losing battle to try and prolong the activity. Eyestrain is a major underlying element for visual skill dysfunction.

Oculomotor Dysfunction & Attention: fixation and tracking are terms that can be used to describe different aspects of the saccadic and pursuit eye movement systems:

  • pursuits – following visual information smoothly
  • saccades – shift the eyes and attention precisely from one target to another

The control of shifting visual focus correlates directly with shifting and controlling visual attention. For proper visual skill, the fixation needs to be steady, controlled, on target, with both eyes aligned at the same point in space. It also needs to be moved smoothly and shifted accurately.