KIDS – Development

  • Vision develops as the primary sense in infancy along with general sensory and motor development driven by reflexes (known as primitive reflexes)
  • Much visual skill development starts in the first few months of life when a baby spends time on it’s tummy
  • Belly crawling encourages horizontal eye tracking
  • Hand knee crawling encourages convergence (bringing the two eyes in together), vertical tracking, and focus change from far to close
  • Visual skill and perception continues to develop in childhood and should develop at a certain normal rate to be on par with peers in school, and to have the requisite level of skill for academic tasks like reading and writing
  • We monitor your child’s vision development to ensure that it is meeting the necessary level of skill for success in school activities before problems manifest
  • If your child’s visual skill is not developed to the necessary level for optimum performance, it can cause problems with: reading fluency or comprehension, copying from the board, writing, attention, organization, academic achievement