• Infant and children’s eye exams routinely start at 6 months of age; by this age the two eyes should be coordinated together. We will assess eye teaming, eye positioning, level of eyesight, check for abnormal amounts of nearsightedness/farsightedness/astigmatism, assess structural eye health. Measurements are based on non-verbal techniques, using: pediatric tests, pictures, lights and lenses
  • Children’s general eye exams are covered yearly by OHIP until they turn 20. Our routine eye exams include screening tests for Learning-Related Vision Problems and promotion of normal vision development to prevent problems as much as possible
  • Children should be seen for an annual general check up to ensure vision development is on track and that their eyes are healthy
  • It is always important to tell your eye care professional if your child has a learning issue or learning disability; a high proportion of children with learning disabilities have reduced visual skill that contributes to their difficulty and usually requires further investigation
  • If a Learning Related Visual Problem is suspected after a routine eye examination, further testing may be required. See assessments and therapy sections of the website for more information

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